Australian union wants 40% of manufacturing apprenticeships to go to women

Link here. Excerpt:

'Tasmania’s marine manufacturing labour force is too low to meet incoming demand, so the industry is calling out for more apprentices.
The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union was also in Canberra this week, with several senior Labor politicians in Canberra hoping to introduce a 40 per cent quota for female apprenticeships in the manufacturing sector.

AMWU National Secretary, Paul Bastian said: “If we want to encourage more women to start and stay in their apprenticeship, then it’s incumbent on Government, unions, and employers to work together to make that happen.”'

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60% of Tasmanian men want the union to go f*ck itself.

I have a way to get more women into trades. Since they prefer professional, stay-clean jobs, you could kidnap them and force them to work at the jobs the way men are kidnapped and forced to work in places around the world.

Or you could stop pandering to feminists and avoid betraying the bulk of your base of members.

It's up to you.

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