Do Women-Only Work Spaces Discriminate? 2 Founders Hash It Out

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Wing in New York City--whose founder made our Female Founders 100 list--and the Coven in Minneapolis: Women-only co-working spaces are spreading. They're intended to give opportunities to network and build businesses, without fear of gender-based discrimination, distraction, or harassment. We hashed out the issues such spaces raise with two founders who know them well.

What are the benefits of these women-only spaces?
Katya Libin: Peace of mind. You don't have to think about discrimination, so you can focus on your company.

J Mase III: That's true. But often, women's spaces don't include others: trans-masculine and gender nonbinary founders, for example.'

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At this point separate office areas for the sexes seems a good idea. I recall in grade school we had boys' classes and girls' classes for first and second grade. By third grade they mixed the sexes.

Given that human beings by and large stop maturing in any significant way by grade 1 age, I think going to single-sex work areas is a good idea. I'd say go with single-sex buildings too but the expense is a bit too great.

Moneyed companies though can have only women in their NY offices and men in their Detroit offices. or vice versa. Heck I say put all the women in the Beijing office and all the men in the General Conesa, Argentina office so as to keep them as far apart as possible without incurring the costs of building a base on the moon. Or Mars.

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