'Why I won't hire a male nanny'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The simple fact is statistically speaking it is more likely to be a man that I need to be cautious of around my children so why not eradicate that from the equation when looking for a nanny to enter my home and care for my children when I am not there?

It is a terribly sad thing that I feel this way about male childminders and I wish it was different, but sadly the actions of the few have tainted it for the many.

I know it sounds like a sexist stance, but if 97% of bears were cuddly and only 3% would rip your face off and eat it, would you still go into an enclosure of bears? I wouldn’t, and I also wouldn’t send my kids into one without me there to protect them.'


Female paedophiles: Why women sexually abuse children

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Because of the risk of false accusations and the presumption of guilt, men should avoid child-minding. In future this may change but unlikely. People aren't swayed by facts, esp. not the average mother. Father, too.

While strictly speaking denying a man a job b/c he is male is wrong in many ways in this case if you deny men a child-minding job you are doing them a favor. If you do so b/c you are sexist it's the wrong reason but the right outcome.

The less men have to do with small children, generally the better esp. for the men. Not b/c we are a bunch of drooling predators but b/c the kids' mothers are so threatened by us that they can't deal with it.

Hence my stock advice to avoid paternity. The problem isn't men. It's women. The rel'p betw. men and children'd be fine if you just get rid of mom.

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