California firefighters

Click "Read more" below to see the two pictures I attached to this piece. These are exhausted firefighters in California getting some sleep before going back up against the fires.

Not one is female. If there are any female firefighters taking on these fires, they are very few in number. AND YET, not a single word of thanks to them from the Feminist Establishment. Feminists scream to bigh heaven should there be one more man than woman in a high-paying, clean, safe line of work, yet say nothing about fire-fighting (except occasionally, and then quite selectively), garbage collection, ordnance disposal, police work (except only occasionally and in re specific cases), or military combat roles except in re the "safer" ones. There are others: maintenance workers of all kinds, for example.

California universities are notorious bastions of political correctness and institutionalized anti-male bigotry. To these indulged pseudo-academics, I say, look at these pictures, these "privileged" male, AND white, patriarchs. Look at how "privileged" they are as you drink your coffee in your comfy office chair in your comfy job at your comfy politically correct university which is not going to burn to the ground. You have these EVIL WHITE MALE PATRIARCHAL DOWNPRESSORMEN to thank for that.

Or just pretend you never saw it. Or just rationalize your indifference or lack of gratitude away with some kind of ideological platitude and go back to grading papers. Remember to give all the white males Cs just because and everyone else As.

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