At UNM, researchers hope to modernize domestic violence treatment

Article here. Excerpt:

'At UNM, Fink’s team is flipping what we thought we knew about domestic violence. She said she believes treatment plans currently being utilized by psychologists for violent abusers are flawed.

Much of it, Fink says, focuses on males—a strategy based around the myth that men are almost always the batterer, and women almost always the victim.

“There is no scientific evidence to support that,” she said. “That also contributes to why we have no effective interventions for family violence.”
Fink’s research studies what is actually going on inside the body and the brain when conflicts escalate to the point of physical aggression, including flight-or-fight responses. A new kind of therapy would focus on helping people adapt to conflict, something therapists don’t currently prioritize on a large scale.

Fink says she believes couples should engage in two kinds of therapy—one with each other and the other with their own gender.'

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