The children of Japan’s single mothers have become a despairing underclass

Article here. Excerpt:

'Yet while Japan’s overall population is declining, the number of single-mother households in the country rose by about 50 percent to 712,000 between 1992 and 2016, according to the labor ministry. The child-poverty rate for working, single-parent households in Japan stood at 56 percent, the highest among OECD nations, compared with 32 percent in the U.S.

Those that get alimony or child support from their ex-spouse or live with their parents are the lucky ones. In Japan, single parents are more likely to live in poverty with a job than without, according to the OECD.
Behind that facade, the city’s report of the crime tells a different story, one of hardship, brutality and a struggle to keep up appearances in public. The single mother of two boys was sick and looking for a part-time job. When she found one at a supermarket, she couldn’t start because she didn’t have child care during Sunday shifts.

She had already been reported for possible neglect in the town where she used to live. She turned up at her boys’ school with two men, who she told staff were cousins. Two weeks before the older son was killed, a teacher visiting the mother’s home noticed a bruise on the left cheek of the younger son.

“The mother was also a victim,” said Tsuyoshi Watari, who runs Atto School, a nonprofit organization in Minoh that helps students from single-parent households.'

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... shit like this was pretty rare.

What an improvement! Yeah!

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The article doesn't even mention the divorce system in Japan, where the wives are invariably given custody of the children and the men expected to disappear from their lives. For the woman no alimony and often no child support. The system is a punishment for getting a divorce in their society.

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