Activists Mad Men Won’t Face Double Jeopardy In Campus Kangaroo Court

Article here. Excerpt:

'The University of Kentucky has updated the way it handles sexual assault claims, and activists aren’t happy with some of the changes.

The school will no longer allow accusers to appeal rulings, as they have in the past. The accused will still be able to appeal, but they will no longer face double jeopardy in campus tribunals.

UK is allowed to make changes to its campus sexual assault policies thanks to an announcement from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in September 2017 that rescinded Obama-era guidance that encouraged schools to conduct biased investigations against accused students. By rescinding the 2011 and 2014 guidance documents, DeVos allowed schools to make changes to their policies in line with previous guidance adopted during the George W. Bush administration. In the immediate aftermath of DeVos’ announcement, many schools across the country stated they would maintain Obama-era policies.

In addition to removing the threat of double jeopardy, UK’s new policy now allows both the accused and the accuser the right to an attorney, and an accused student can only be found responsible by the unanimous vote of the hearing panel, whereas before only a majority could decide the student’s fate.'

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