Mother to son: There's a vast difference between 'mansplaining' and 'momsplaining'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Well, I never thought it would happen to me – a strong, forceful, competent woman — but yesterday my son attempted to “mansplain” in my presence.

At first, I was incredulous. Had my 21-year-old taken a fall? Was he concussed? Because there had to be an explanation for his behavior beyond the obvious conjecture that he had a death wish.

How he thought, that I, still being of sound mind and body and female, would welcome his lecture disguised as chit-chat baffled my maternal mind.

About three minutes into his “splaining” I stopped him mid-sentence, gave him some serious side eye and asked, “Do you realize your mansplaining to your mother?”
He laughed saying, “Mom, you're the queen of talking down to people, but even worse than that you add in an over-share, making it awkward and creepy.”

And then it hit me. This poor child was mistaking motherly superiority with being patronizing. I dutifully explained that always knowing what’s best for one’s family and sharing those unfiltered thoughts isn’t condescending it’s called being a mom — as in mother knows best.'

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I am sure the author was being ironically humorous with this piece. Or at least trying to be.

Jokingly talking about becoming violent to her son though, I think is common, but not funny. Imagine a father talking about a daughter that way?

At 21 the apron strings are still attached and prob will be for some time. I don't doubt though that in humor, veritas est. While she laughs at herself some, no small part of her does believe that momsplaining is a natural right she received by birthing her victims. And possibly that is the case! Nonetheless, fair's fair.

If some part of this story is true and if it includes her boy heading out the door, I can't blame him. If my mother ever talked like this to me I'd walk out on the old bat post-haste. Then again I am 50. I don't put up with much shit anymore even from my own mother. Life's too short.

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