Mindy Kaling Blames ‘Ocean’s 8’ Mixed Reviews On ‘White Male Critics’

Article here. Excerpt:

'So why the blah reviews? According to the critics, the all-female cast actually did a fine job in replacing the all-male cast for "Ocean's 11" and agreed the film had its charming moments. Most were in agreement, however, that the film failed in the heist portion of the script, saying it lacked originality and cleverness. In sum, the all-female cast was the least of the complaints.

Despite that glaring truth, "Ocean's 8" cast member Mindy Kaling blames the film's failure to wow critics on the overabundance of, yep, white males.

Speaking with Yahoo, Kaling said she agreed with Meryl Streep that Rotten Tomatoes allows too many white male opinions to poison the review pool.

"Meryl was talking about this, she had a great point of view about it," said Kaling. "She made movies for women but they are reviewed by men who don't necessarily value it or don't look at it in the same point of view as a woman doing it, but it seems just unfair."
Kaling said she refuses to base her career on "what white men wanted."

"Although if I had to base my career on what white men wanted I would be very unsuccessful, so there is obviously an audience out there who want to watch things like ['Ocean's 8'], what I work on," Kailing.

Kaling also believes that more white men would like her work if they took the time to "understand it."'

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Half of all tickets are bought by men. Or so it says. Then about half of all buyers of tickets are white.

Thus 25% of moviegoers are white men. AND YET... these geniuses seem to think that this less-than-a-third group are determining the fate of their movie at the box office?

The movie is currently no. 1 at the box office. Well this is cold comfort because purely in terms of numbers, turnout (and ticket sales) are dismal and fall way short of the other Ocean's movies.

This says bad things about the other movies playing these days in theaters. God, movies today are really sucking canal water. SMH.

If these actresses need to blame the biggest demographic group for its dismal performance, perhaps they need to blame the We're-Not-White-Males demographic group, which is 75% of the moviegoing audience.

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