Feminist professor’s hate speech op-ed reveals what modern day feminism is really about

Article here. Excerpt:

'But modern day feminism, the feminism of Watters, isn’t about choice – it’s about power. Modern day feminists want to exercise power over women and men. They want to tell women and men which life choices to make.

And if you don’t fit their cookie-cutter mold? You’re labeled an enemy combatant. You’re not exercising your free will as a woman by deciding, for instance, to continue through with a pregnancy. Instead, these feminists will tell you that you’re waging a so-called “war against women.”

Today’s feminists always reframe an issue in a way that gets furthest away from what it’s really about.
Feminists are using the idea of women’s rights and the equality of the sexes as a bludgeon against their political enemies, especially if they happen to be men. As Watters demonstrates, feminists, who always rail against “misogyny,” embrace misandry, or the hatred of men.'

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