Cameroon Man Says His Life Is In Ruins Following False Rape Accusations

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Cameroon man living in Thailand has told Thaivisa that his life is in ruins after a Swedish woman falsely accused him of rape in Bangkok.

The case is similar to one involving a French policeman and a British teen. The Frenchman was released earlier this week after being held for nearly two months on spurious charges.

The Frenchman, like the Cameroonian, was also black.

Didier (assumed name), now 32, was locked up for more than nine months with another Cameroon man after the Swedish woman said they raped her at the Fuse condominium in Wong Wian Yai, Thonburi.

The other man had consensual sex with the woman but Didier refused to have anything to do with her because she didn’t have a condom.

Later she went to police and said she was raped. Only the DNA from his friend was on the woman but both men were held regardless of that fact.

Now despite his release his family in Bamenda, north western Cameroon, are refusing to have anything to do with him – he told Thaivisa that in Africa that often happens when people go to jail, even if they are subsequently proved to be innocent.

He said: “There is a war against men because men get accused of rape. And when proven innocent nothing happens to the accuser.

“I spent nine months and 11 days in a Thai jail cell based on a false rape accusation. And at the end the lady ran away.

“My life has been destroyed”.'

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