Doctors warn masculinity forces men into loneliness

Article here. Excerpt:

'As the world reels in the wake of Anthony Bourdain's suicide, experts warn he is just one of many men whose suicides and preceding struggles with mental illness often go overlooked.

Men in the US kill themselves at 3.5-times the rate that women do but may be less likely to seek medical help or community support. In comparison to New Zealand, for every woman that dies by suicide, three men do. In 2017, an alarming 606 people were reported to have killed themselves. That's one person dead every 15 hours.

Bourdain spoke openly and often about his own depression and fight to stay sober, but his fame and fortune may well have disguised even deeper troubles, reports Daily Mail.
Dr Jonathan Gerkin, a University of North Carolina psychiatrist who says he takes a therapist's approach believes that our culture - particularly in the US, but worldwide - has not conditioned men to be reflective about, let alone accepting of their own emotions, and that can lead them to a profound sense of loneliness.'

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... that can cause a man to want to decorate the ceiling with that interesting new color, Hint of Brain.

But note he struggled with sobriety. This is critical and not limited to the state of being male. Addicts struggle with staying sober at times and for some it induces a fatalness of spirit that sadly ends in self-destruction. The dr. is right that many men don't discuss their feelings so much as act on them. I see this as evolutionarily adaptive. After all, a man gripped with fear at the sight of a large hungry predator as he is out doing manly things is better-served by taking action versus turning to his tribemate and saying, "I feel fear. Oh my. Let's talk about my fear. Do you ever feel... afraid?"

The guy'll be a tiger-snack before he finishes his last sentence.

But for most emotionally intense periods in life, talking out feelings is much better than acting on them. But arguably, talking them out is acting on them. You're just doing something different with them than you did before.

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