Demi Lovato sorry over sexual prank on bodyguard

Article here. Excerpt:

'Demi Lovato’s best-known songs include “Sorry Not Sorry.” But when it comes to sharing details of a sexual joke on her bodyguard, she is sorry — mostly.

The pop singer triggered a flurry of negative reactions over the weekend when, in a largely innocuous exchange with fans on Twitter, she was asked to name the funniest prank she has ever pulled off.

Lovato said that she hired a sex worker to enter the hotel room of her bodyguard when they were staying in Las Vegas, where prostitution is legal.

“She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in his ‘area’ and he freaked,” Lovato said, sharing her amusement.

A number of Twitter users took Lovato to task, saying that she was admitting to a serious episode of sexual harassment, an issue that has drawn growing attention amid the rise of the #MeToo movement.
But she also urged upset people to revisit her song “Warrior” in which she speaks of being a survivor of sexual abuse.

“Maybe you’ll have more compassion for a simple mistake,” she wrote, while adding: “So sorry if anyone was offended.”'

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... it's OK for me to behave this way. Yeah, sure. Bet she wouldn't make that excuse for a man doing something like this.

The hooker was stupid and Lovato was reckless. Bodyguards are capable of being suddenly very violent when it seems needed. Possibly he may have simply reached out and snapped the hooker's neck. If my job was to be on guard against intruders at all times, I may become so knee-jerk in my reactions to threats that I simpy react with impunity.

Yep, plenty of foolishness here. If I had been that hooker I'd've turned the "job" down not just because it was dangerous to me but because indeed, it was a sexual assault-for-hire job.

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Just because you have (allegedly) been a "survivor of sexual abuse" does not give you the right to be a perpetrator of sexual abuse, Ms. Lovato.
And frankly I am sick to death of hearing and seeing other women use these things as an excuse to harm men.
I am a survivor of sexual abuse myself, Ms. Lovato. by another female! So by your (and feminist) logic it's perfectly acceptable if I send a prostitute to your flat and have her do to you what my abuser did to me, right?
Well, by your "logic" it is. And I would have the "perfect excuse". I could just say, hey, it's okay, what I did, because, you know... I am a "survivor of sexual abuse".
So you deserve all the excoriation you get, Demi.
...God, sometimes I wish I had been born male. My own sex is highly irritating, if I am to be honest. -_-

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Sorry, Matt! I should have read your post first! I said nearly the same thing you did, Love! ^_^

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