UK: Row over 'staggering' failure to pick woman for Bank of England MPC

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Business Committee's Rachel Reeves called it "truly staggering", while Nicky Morgan, from the Treasury Committee, said she was "disappointed".

Prof Jonathan Haskel's appointment means there is one woman on the MPC.

The Treasury said the role had been awarded on merit.

The department insisted it was "committed to diversity and encouraging the broadest range of candidates".

It had "actively contacted" 44 women and 43 men to apply for the role.

Of those, 19 men and eight women applied and four women and one man were shortlisted. It also pointed out that two of the three people on the interview panel were women.

"The final appointment decision was based on merit," it said.'

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It's about VAGINAS. There simply HAS to be X percentage of VAGINAS in a room for the whole thing to be holy.

VAGINAS make economic policy meetings holy. Or hadn't you heard?

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