The Feminist Endgame

Article here. Excerpt:

'Modern feminism is characterized by a toxic mix of prudishness, self-importance, paranoia, groundless hatred, and epidemic humorlessness.  As a disease of sheer cray-cray offense-taking, culminating in hatred for half the human race, with a special emphasis on white males, feminism will not rest satisfied until men are taught to keep their knees together, their eyes down, and their mouths shut, eliminating confident alphas from the sexual equation or turning them into compliant betas.

Humor, or rather lack of same, is the key to understanding the feminist personality type and the species of derangement to which it is prone.  A sense of humor, including a penchant for wit and satire, is a sign of developed intelligence.  Being able to tell jokes and especially to get jokes, even at one's expense, is a human quality whose absence betokens a closed and rigid sensibility.
The vast majority of such claims are undeniably trivial.  As my wife, Janice Fiamengo, observed at a panel discussion on the #MeToo sickness, given in Ottawa on December 8, 2017, "This is surely a phenomenon of mass hysteria, in which thousands of women claim to have been sexually terrorized by a range of behaviors that include lewd remarks, jokes, compliments, requests for dates, expressions of sexual interest, or fully clothed physical contact in public spaces."

The phenomenon, she continued "is related to decades of feminist theorizing insisting that men are guilty when women say they are.  On that basis it is right to publicly shame men, to publish their names, to socially isolate them, to drum them out of an industry, to pressure businesses to fire them, to circulate their names on databases of 'bad men' ... and to create extra-judicial tribunals to hear charges against them and to determine actions to be taken."
The absence of a sense of humor is a dead giveaway of a narrow, psychologically limited, puerile, and saturnine personality-type, which makes it difficult for lively and intelligent people to converse; negotiate; or, obviously, exchange jokes with such attenuated individuals.  As Milan Kundera pointed out in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, the tyrannical mind does not laugh.  When this lugubrious infirmity becomes a collective phenomenon, we know we are dealing with a social pathology whose effect is to warp and distort a culture almost, if not wholly, beyond recovery.  This is feminism's endgame, and it looks bound to succeed.  You cannot reason with the humorless.'

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