"Women Owe Almost $400 Billion More in Student Debt Than Men. You Can Blame That on the Patriarchy."

Article here. Excerpt:

'Graduation season is upon us, and it's a time of celebration across the nation. But a new report revealed that seven out of 10 women will leave school this month not just with a diploma: Over 70 percent will also have to pack up student debt as well.

New data released this month by the American Association of University Women finds that women owe around $2,700 more than men do at graduation. Crunch the numbers, and arrive at this stunner of a statistic: Women hold two thirds of the $1.4 trillion in student loans in the United States. That’s $890 billion—still more than the GDP of Austria and Norway combined—and $400 billion more than men.'

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Was it The Patriarchy that put me in debt and had me working over 10 years to pay it off? Add grad school and it was closer to 15.

Of course the suggested fix is mostly make mote money available to women via GRANTS. Not loans. Grants. Then this article of course touts more legislation to fix a non-existent problem.

May I suggest to women the same thing I do to men: Unless you have a really good reason to go to college, don't do it. It's way too pricey and generally doesn't yield the ROI it should to justify the cost.

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Childless women actually make more than men, so for the article to say that the wage gap begins when women enter the job market is disingenuous. Then again, what would you expect from anyone who thinks the patriarchy as defined by feminists is a real thing?

I also want to point out that women already have access to up to five times as many scholarships as men.

The real reason why women take longer to pay off their loans is because they tend to choose degrees which lead to lower paying jobs, are likelier to borrow more to cover living expenses, and are likelier to take a hiatus from work to have a child. Far be it from the article to mention any of these factors.

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