University blocks appeal by accused student after accuser caught inventing evidence: lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'George Washington University is refusing to grant an appeal to a student it found responsible for sexual assault, choosing to ignore the revelation that his accuser fabricated a key piece of evidence and likely mischaracterized her inebriation.

“John Doe” filed a motion for partial summary judgment in his lawsuit against the private university last week, asking a federal judge to force it to hear his appeal, which GWU deemed not “viable.”

The litigation has grown more heated in the two months since it was filed. Doe’s accuser leaked his name on social media (below), calling him a “rapist,” hours before he received phone records showing that she didn’t call a friend while allegedly incapacitated with him.

The university’s failure to promptly investigate Doe’s retaliation claim against “Jane Roe” has also prevented him from starting graduate school on schedule, he claimed. Last month Judge Rosemary Collyer refused to block Doe’s suspension, saying that a “gap” year did not constitute “irreparable harm.”'

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