UK: MPs back campaign to strengthen domestic abuse bill

Article here. Excerpt:

'Three-quarters of MPs have dealt with an issue of domestic abuse in their constituency in the past three months alone, and a quarter within the last week, according to polling for a campaign to strengthen the law on domestic violence.

The poll came as Theresa May hinted on Wednesday that the government could consider strengthening the offence of coercive control when an MP raised concern about “gaslighting” – when an abuser convinces a partner they are suffering from mental health issues.
The bill is to provide a new statutory definition of domestic abuse that includes economic abuse, alongside other non-physical abuse, as well as allowing for tougher sentences in cases involving children and creating new domestic abuse protection orders, which allow police and courts to intervene earlier.'

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And what if a person is in fact in need of mental health treatment. What then? One thing an intimate partner is useful for is to keep an eye on your welfare. What if indeed you have a mental problem like depression, or schizophrenia? If your mate tells you they think you need help, even if you do, can you turn around and accuse them of DV via gaslighting?

This is a further example of re-defining words to suit an agenda versus actually using words as they were created for use. But it seems the all-mighty agenda of "empowering women" even in a way counter to rationality refuses to be deterred.

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