"White women: addicted, incarcerated and overlooked"

Usual perpetual victimhood. Link here. Excerpt:

'As the country battles drug epidemics, mass incarceration and nationwide addiction, the people being increasingly affected by these issues are being left behind in the discussion. They are white women.

“Men and their behaviors have gotten the attention, especially when it comes to drinking and substance use treatment,” said Jonathan Lowe, executive director of clinical services at Turnbridge addiction treatment center in New Haven. “We’ve concentrated on the noisy person, but women had to keep things quiet because they were holding things together, certainly not expected to have addiction problem.”

Further, white women are increasingly binge drinking, suffering from addiction, being incarcerated and committing suicide. A number of combining factors make this population unique when addressing these issues, especially their status, stereotypes and cultural expectations.
When looking at who is being affected by the ongoing opioid epidemic, it’s disproportionately white women. One factor is their access to medications.
“Look at the population that has the access to the health care that got the drugs into the houses and who was that population and that was probably the white population at large,” Lowe said. “Who are you more suspicious of as a provider? Is it a housewife or a black man? Racism leads to thinking that white women are safe. It’s seen as they don’t have problems.”
Physiologically, women will develop addictions much faster than men, said Katina Varzos, a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Turnbridge who is dually certified in women’s health adult psychiatric-mental health. Moreover, women are more apt to be introduced to a substance from an intimate partner than men and rapidly escalate the severity of their use.'
The identity of all women is compromised in society if she can’t be a caretaker or hold her life together as expected, she said. It’s powerful enough to stop women from seeking treatment.'

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Woe is me.

Female addicts are to be treated the same as male ones IF you hope to contribute to their getting clean: Put up with NOTHING. No special rules for drug addicts. You snorted/shot up/swallowed. No matter how you got it or who gave it to you. You then kept using until you got hooked. Did you NOT know heroin was addictive?

Once you realized you were addicted did you resolve then and there to stop and head straight to get help? Or did you just keep on using.

My sympathy for drug addicts, esp. those of "recreational" drugs, is quite limited. I've seen drug addiction many times in my life and dealt with addicts many times. There is only one way to deal with them: hard line. Little to no sympathy. Period. Life's rough. Get over it, cupcake.

Poor Dearism won't help Snow White get off pills or juice. A good, solid, old-fashioned Prussian can of whoop-ass getting opened on them is what's needed followed by twice daily NarcAnon meetings.

Either that or Cinderella takes it raw in all three holes for ten bucks all day every day to keep her bloodstream filled with Death Juice until the stupid bitch drops dead. Pretty little daddy's girl, straight A student, cheerleader and headed for a free ride to some uni on the 3rd of the month. On the 15th she's sucking cocks in a shooting gallery like a 40-YO porn star while dudes take turns on her from behind like she's holding her own breeding party. Tears run down her cheeks as she takes those cocks, not because she mourns the loss of her former life but because she's jonesing so hard for her next bump.

What a difference two weeks makes.

Nymphotropism won't save her. Possibly nothing will. But definitely, nymphotropism won't.

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