Australia: Outrage grows over women spared jail on vicious ambo attack

Article here. Excerpt:

'COMMUNITY outrage is growing over the decision to release two women who bashed a paramedic so badly while they were drunk that he needed three operations and still can’t work.

A Facebook post with a photo of one of the woman, Amanda Warren, walking from court after her original conviction and holding up her middle finger to the cameras has attracted almost 500 responses and 70 comments.

Ms Warren, 33, and Caris Underwood, 22, had their sentences quashed this week because they had difficult childhoods and had battled drug, alcohol and mental-health problems.

Two years ago, after a daylong binge on bourbon, champagne and cannabis, the two women had repeatedly punched and kicked veteran Victorian paramedic Paul Judd, who was left with a broken foot.

Mr Judd wiped away tears on Tuesday as Judge Barbara Cotterell overturned the women’s prison sentences imposed last December in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

She set aside a ruling stemming from a 2014 law which gives offenders mandatory jail time for assaulting emergency workers on duty.'

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The only thing stopping them from being more violent more often is fear that they'll be beaten to death by larger, stronger opponents. But if they think you won't fight back, yeah, they'll attack you.

How do I know this? It's human nature. If you know you won't or can't be held accountable for your actions, you'll do whatever you feel like doing. Why do ppl who own slaves beat them or fuck them with impunity? Because they can. No laws exist to stop them or hold them to account.

Until courts stop accepting bullshit excuses from women, you'll keep seeing crap like this.

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This sexist decision by Justice Barbara Cotterell, a feminist jurist with preference for letting people off who are like herself (female), is not an isolated event.
Recently, a bride at her own wedding knifed her brother-in-law in the face (severely) but was sentenced only to a community corrections order. A slap on the wrist for a serious brutal assault that has left a person with a life long facial disfigurement. Her solicitor, Kristen Moore, said in mitigation for her client, "most people who had ever been involved in planning a wedding would feel for the accused". And the court clearly agreed! The stupid man ruined her wedding and got what he deserved.
In Australian courts, sentencing and policing are systematically and brazenly sexist in their treatment of men and women. Several government and university commissioned studies have found that when committing similar crimes men are more likely to be arrested, convicted, sentenced to imprisonment, and imprisoned for massively longer sentences compared to women. This fact is not disputed. But here's the gotcha..... it's considered reasonable and appropriate!
The view was and is that men are such violent dangerous animals they can only be controlled by sending them to prison for long periods as a deterrent for other dangerous men. But women do not need to go to prison because is doesn't help them return to useful lives and serves no purpose ("Gender Differences in Sentencing Outcomes", Sentencing Advisory Council, July 2010, Victoria).
Several studies about prison and sentencing support the view that sending people to prison doesn't really change their behaviour. But that progressive view is ONLY applied to the sentencing of women!
The underlying culture is an entrenched sexism that remains unchallenged and unjustified. A legal system that has adopted a gender hatred third wave feminist position, punishes men on the basis of their sex, and expects to be applauded and rewarded for it.
So the real question for Justice Cotterell is "Hey Barb! how can any man come to your court as a victim of brutal act of violence and expect the law to be applied fairly and appropriately?"
Actually, I don't know any men who expect to get a fair trial or fair unbiased treatment in Australian courts! This decision by Justice Barbara Cotterell is not in least surprising, it just validates the oppressive burden of a corrupted legal system.

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