Professor tries to give female students better grades just for being women

Article here. Excerpt:

'A University of Akron professor inadvertently devised a creative new way to insult female students this week, all in the name of boosting gender equality.

Liping Liu sent an email to his Systems Analysis & Design class outlining the "categories of students" who may see their "grades raised one level or two." One of those categories was listed as "female students," indicating Liu intended to artificially increase women's grades based on their gender. In the email, which was first posted to Reddit on Monday, Liu said the move was part of a "national movement to encourage female students to go [in]to information sciences."

In a comment to The College Fix, Liu elaborated on his reasoning: "Liu’s own classes have 'one or two female students' on average in a class of 20 to 30, and they are 'not doing well,' he told The Fix in an email. These women will probably have to 'repeat the courses or leave the program' without a grade boost."

The university was not impressed. “While the professor’s stated intention of encouraging female students to go into the information sciences field may be laudable, his approach as described in his email was clearly unacceptable," provost Rex Ramsier told The College Fix.'

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Giving C students As and Bs isn't fair to the students who actually rate As and Bs. Further, it's unfair to male C students who don't get the better grades.

But this has been going on... this grade inflation based on indellible characteristics. It occurs in medical scools and pre-med programs. Black students, it is said, when not earning As and Bs in fact, may have their grades "curved" so as to increase their chances of getting into med school.

It's a bullshit game. The med schools will admit people w/o the abilities necessary to succeed knowing full well they will drop out. But those stats aren't counted. It's all about taking the measure going in.

By no means does this mean "Black MD = incompetent MD" I am quite sure most black med students do indeed have the requisite brains and abilities to be MDs. Just that of 100% of black students who get in, possibly 10% should not have been admitted but were due to grade inflation and blatant discrimination in favor of admitting black students.

Meanwhile, students of other ethnic groups need to be super-geniuses to get in b/c they are specifically discriminated against due to their "over-representation". Thinking East Indians and Asians.

How about this: I don't care jack about my MD's skin color. I just want the fucker to fix my ass when it breaks. I want a Phi Fucking Beta Kappa who earned 3 PhDs in Physics THE HARD WAY by age 15 to be looking up my ass, not some D student who in fact flunked organic chem and got a pass because of the placement of a few alleles in their DNA causing their skin color to look a certain way.

Looks like this info sci prof has the same jack-assinine idea.

I knew women in college who took info. sci. classes. They did fine. Info. sci. isn't fucking rocket science. I can only conclude that the girls in this particular class just happened to be dumb as posts. But they're dumb not b/c they're girls. They're dumb b/c their mothers smoked weed and drank throughout their pregnancies and as a result produced daughters who'd be better served learning to dance on tables and giving head in the parking lot for 20 bucks vs. getting into $100k in debt pursuing a degree that is useless.

Not everyone's cut out for college. And no one's cut out for $100k in debt at age 22, too.

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