CNN Website Says Men are ‘Inherently Violent, Dominant, Controlling’

Article here. Excerpt:

'An inmate doing 10 years in a California prison for armed robbery is rapidly on his way to making himself a darling of liberals everywhere by putting a spin on his incarceration that appeals to every anti-masculine trope currently running wild among today’s American left, while at the same time dodging responsibility for his own guilt.

He’s not a convicted criminal, he’s a prisoner of patriarchy.

That’s the takeaway from a commentary piece published by CNN and penned by Richard Edmond Vargas, an inmate of the Correctional Training Facility, commonly referred to as Soledad State Prison.

In the piece, Vargas acknowledges his own actions — committing robbery ostensibly to raise rent money — but manages to slide the blame onto the idea of “patriarchy,” or rather what liberals want to believe is the “toxic masculinity” that makes men unstable, vicious and dangerous.'

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