Study Warns of 'Toxic Masculinity' in Boys as Young as 14

Article here. Excerpt:

'A new study published in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling warns that boys as young as 14-years-old suffer psychological problems from “hegemonic masculinity” and its derivative, “toxic masculinity.”

Vincent Marasco, a former professor who now works as a mental health counselor, argued in a recently published article that mental health professionals should be cognizant of hegemonic masculinity since it can “influence the counseling relationship.”

“Counselors working with adolescent boys need to take into consideration these social influences, their impact on the counseling relationship, and the unique ways adolescent boys perform masculinity,” writes Marasco.

Hegemonic masculinity, as Marasco explains in his article, is a term that refers to the “oppressive characteristics of masculinity boys and men must assume and perform to be considered a ‘real man.’” These characteristics include “dominance over women,” “being heterosexual,” “exerting control and toughness,” among others.

Though not all boys may evidence these characteristics, all boys are subject to socialization under these norms, Marasco tells PJ Media in an interview, which is why they are important to address from an early age.'

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I know the cure to this "being heterosexual" thing: add girls to the Boy Scouts. This will cause every boy in the BSA to go as gay as a goose, mark my words. By adding teen girls to a group of teen boys, homosexuality is all but CERTAIN to spread like wildfire through the ranks.

I am one happily toxic, hegemonically masculine mother-fucker. I am pretty sure I'll be so afflicted until I drop dead. In fact I'll probably drop dead while banging a McDonald's girl for 50 bucks when I'm 90.

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THAT's how I'll croak: banging a sex android.

And I'll die hegemonically, toxically masculine, too.

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These couch potato academics really need psychotherapy. They project their own inability to understand and/or negotiate masculinity, or their own suffering at the hands of bullies, into some narrative of how masculinity is oppressive and toxic.
Firstly, "toxic" masculinity is not a term like other terms used in psychology or sociology. No other group or set of attributes has been labelled "toxic". This is unique. Its origin says more about the people who use the term than masculinity.
The term has its origins in radical third wave feminism, and gender hatred. This isn't something that originated from social research, it was radical feminist ideology and hate speech reframed as social research.
Similarly, hegemonic masculinity and patriarchy are also feminist hate speech reframed as social research. The author of hegemonic masculinity extrapolated their own experience of gender identity and marginalization to the general population, with an emotive and fundamentally flawed thesis.
This hate speech has been validated in universities and government institutions by feminist academics presenting it as social science and diseminated as part of diversity programs.
Now we are seeing the attempt to institutionalise this hate speech as part of programs purporting to rescue boys from the dangers of masculinity. That is, indoctrinate boys from earlier and earlier ages to stop them becoming toxic to themselves and others. The primary and unavoidable premise in these programs is that boys are toxic by virtue of their maleness, and unless deconstructed and renatured, are a threat to society.
And what is the new improved masculinity that they are going to be taught? To be kind, sensitive, empathetic, and talk about their feelings? Not to be violent towards others, to stand up for what is right and defend those too weak to defend themselves?
If the men out there think this sounds familiar, you're right. This is the masculinity that I was taught, and grew up with. The kind of masculinity that that was always considered the true coming of age. Not the comic book hegemony peddled by the academics.
And what is this renatured masculinity the rad fems and couch potatos are going to teach? Something compliant and unquestioning!

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