Ezra Klein Explains Why Men Are "So Shit At Friendship"

Article here. Excerpt:

'American men’s hidden crisis, Slate tells us, is that they need more friends. At the same time, society tells men that friendship is girly—and men respond by not having friends. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that loneliness, not obesity or smoking, is the biggest threat to men’s health, per the Boston Globe.
It’s a question that Vox Media founder and editor Ezra Klein unpacks on “Call Your Girlfriend,” a popular feminist podcast. For their 4/20 episode, co-hosts Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow invited listeners to “Ask A Man” anything they’d like. One listener asked, “Why are men so shit at friendship?”

“That’s an important question,” Klein replied. “Because we literally are—it is literally the case that men have fewer friends than women, and as we get older we have fewer, and fewer, and fewer friends. Some of us have no friends at all, and the resulting loneliness becomes a huge health risk.”'


Ezra Klein: Men Need 'Spike of Fear' with Sex to Prevent Rape

'In support of California’s new “Yes Means Yes” campus sex law, Vox.com blogger Ezra Klein announced that in his opinion men need a “spike of fear” in their sexual relationships in order to keep them all from turning into rapists on campus.

Saying the law is “terrible, but necessary,” Klein pointed out some of the law’s flaws but ultimately decided that “everyday sexual practices on college campuses need to be upended” and this new “terrible” law is just what is needed.'

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I'm consistently amazed at how many otherwise successful ppl do and say the most jack-assinine things.

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It never fails to amuse when incompetent journalists jump on the femsplaining bandwagon to generate some cash flow. What a Wally.
So, what's missing from this lowbrow blog? Content, reliable sources, critical analysis, logical expression and balance. Just about every attribute of honest journalism.
At best, this is just a regurgitation of the work of others. It lacks any original thought or creativity. More likely, it's the work of a feminized or emasculated boy who has failed to negotiate his passage to manhood, and as a consequence, fails to recognize or understand masculinity in himself or others. What a sad example of the faux masculinity third wave feminism inspires.

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