Canada: Steve Paikin vindicated on misconduct accusation, but what a price he paid

Article here. Excerpt:

'If the conviction of Bill Cosby of sexual assault this week put wind beneath the tired wings of #MeToo, the vindication of veteran Ontario broadcaster Steve Paikin was the force that added drag.

Even putting those two names in the same paragraph is an injustice to Paikin, a man so proper that even the independent investigator who has cleared him of any wrongdoing, lawyer Rachel Turnpenny, took notice of it.

In a single line of her 27-page report released Friday, she wrote, “There was also credible evidence provided to the investigator that Paikin is uncomfortable talking about sexual subjects in a public manner.”

Yet his accuser, the multiple-times unsuccessful Toronto political candidate Sarah Thomson, would have had the world believe that within five minutes of sitting down to lunch in a crowded uptown restaurant named Grano, in the presence of her assistant, a man he had never met, Paikin baldly asked Thomson to sleep with him.'

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