Group requests Tokyo Metro enforce women-only cars amid escalating male pushback

Article here. Excerpt:

'Amidst cases of men riding in designated women-only train cars, decrying discrimination and arguing with female passengers in videos posted online, a citizens group on April 24 submitted a request to Tokyo Metro Co. to clearly prohibit men from riding in the cars.
Roughly around the same period in February, several men rode a women-only car on Hankyu Railway Co.'s Kyoto Line, shouting that "anyone can ride in a women-only car." The railway called the police, and officers boarded the train at Katsura Station in Kyoto. While the police officers tried to persuade the men to get off the train, they resisted, and the train was delayed roughly 10 minutes.

"Even if a man boards a (women-only train car), we don't force them to get off the train, but we ask for everyone's cooperation in creating a space where all passengers can feel comfortable," said a public relations official from Tokyo Metro. A representative from the corresponding department at Hankyu Railway worried, "We have always had men who would board the women-only train cars, but it's escalating to actions like complaining in loud voices."
The group that submitted the recent request to Tokyo Metro is called "Anti Racism Information Center." The group asked the railway company to make a rule prohibiting men from deliberately riding on women-only cars, and collected some 6,800 signatures online in favor of the proposal. Representative Ryang Yongsong said, "Actions that create anxiousness in train cars are heinous. I would like steps to be taken so that everyone can ride the train with peace of mind."'

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Admittedly I never rode the subway in Tokyo. But in Kyoto, yes. I don't think they had women-only cars in Tokyo at the time anyway, though.

I found while there that not being able to read or understand what ppl were saying was truly glorious. I enjoyed my cluelessness, my blissful ignorance, greatly.

I have to wonder what life in America'd be like if I didn't read or speak English. Would I also be as blissful?


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