Name names to reform campus kangaroo courts

Article here. Excerpt:

'Our state’s flagship public university can no longer hide behind federal student privacy laws when it comes to shielding the people it’s disciplined for sexual misconduct from scrutiny.

A unanimous three-judge N.C. Court of Appeals panel ruled Monday that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill must disclose the identities of students and faculty members it has judged responsible for sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The ruling is a win for open government advocates — The Daily Tar Heel student newspaper, WRAL-TV owner Capital Broadcasting Co., The Charlotte Observer and The Herald-Sun of Durham are the plaintiffs — and it will subject both the accused and the system that judges them to necessary public scrutiny.

Student editors sued UNC after it refused to fulfill a September 2016 public records request seeking documents related to individuals “found responsible for rape, sexual assault or lesser included sexual misconduct” by the college’s honor court, its Committee on Student Conduct or its Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office.'

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