"Queer Porn Icon Bruce LaBruce’s Lesbian Cult Comedy Takes Patriarchy by the Balls"

Article here. Excerpt:

'Man-haters, rejoice! The Female Liberation Army is here to save us. Or at least, keep us fired up and entertained. Fresh off a run at Europe’s top film festivals, including a premiere at the Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, and Panorama, comes “The Misandrists.” Directed by legendary gay filmmaker Bruce LaBruce (“Gerontophilia,” “Hustler White”), “The Misandrists” follows the dissidents of the FLA, a militant lesbian separatist cult whose primary goal is to dismantle the patriarchy — by any means necessary.

Set in 1999, “Somewhere in Ger(wo)many,” the film follows a young radical named Isolde (Kita Updike) who falls in love with boy dissident Volker (Til Schindler). Stowing him away in the basement of the FLA’s country manor so she can nurse his wounds, Isolde fears discovery by Big Mother (Susanne Sachsse). No men are allowed on the commune, and lesbian sex is encouraged, as Big Mother believes it is the only way to female liberation. She will stop at nothing in her quest to liberate all women, overthrow the patriarchy, and establish a new world order. When the police come looking for the missing boy, Big Mother begins to suspect something is amiss in her militant Sapphic paradise.'

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... like it might be fucking hilarious in its own way.

But I doubt I'll watch it. I only just watched The Red Pill about a month ago. Haven't been to a movie theater in maybe a year.

My viewed entertainment is limited largely to The Big Bang Theory and Mom on Thursdays and the rest is almost all MeTV. I'm partial to Perry Mason and Wonder Woman on Sat. nights. (As hot as Lynda Carter was, I just can't sexualize her. I see that amazing figure and perfect facial bone structure and can't even make myself think about diddling her. I theorize this is bc I first started watching Wonder Woman well before adolescence. In fact I first saw it while firmly planted in the depths of childhood innocence. She'll always be sexless to me. How the rest of you guys look at her... is your business... LOL.) Colombo on Sundays. Peter Falk fucking rocked. Too bad he's dead. :(

Contemporary TV and movies these days just plain suck. I don't bother with them.

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I did see the WW movie although it was by accident. Long story. Anyway, I was greatly disappointed. It really sucked. There was ZERO character dev't of anyone except possibly the evil Nazi. WW had fewer lines than the typical porn star. All she did was bounce around like Yoda with a light saber whacking Germans but not much else. The viewer never got any idea about her actual substance as a human being. And Maj. Trevor was a wholly feckless douchebag. I mean, that movie just plain sucked.

I didn't want it to suck. Really. I wanted to like it. But no. They completely dropped the ball.

Screen movies just aren't worth anything like the price of admission. The Man In the High Castle series was so much better and came with Amazon Prime. I mean, Hollywood seems hopelessly incompetent these days.

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