Syracuse refused to give accused student written allegations or record Title IX hearing: lawsuit

Article here. Excerpt:

'How convenient that “technical difficulties” prevented the recording of a rape accuser’s testimony in a Title IX proceeding, blocking “John Doe” from challenging procedural errors.

So says the third lawsuit filed against the private university this school year by a student found responsible for sexual misconduct, according to The Daily Orange.

The accused student claims Syracuse failed the most basic due-process requirements by refusing to document anything he could use to appeal the decision in favor of “Jane Roe”:

"Doe, in the lawsuit, claims that the first set of allegations were not documented and relayed to him only verbally. When Roe allegedly changed her story, Doe said in court documents there was “nothing concrete” he could reference to point out the variations in Roe’s account. …

Doe appealed the board’s decision, according to the lawsuit. He requested a transcript of the University Conduct Board hearing, which did not include Roe’s testimony or questions asked to her by the board, according to the lawsuit.

SU claimed that Roe’s testimony was not recorded because of “technical difficulties,” according to court documents."'

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