Masculinity detox: redefining what it means to be a man

Article here. Excerpt:

'So what’s the solution? How do we engage men in discussion when the loudest voices are MRAs like former Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes’s Proud Boys or the more innocuously named Canadian Association for Equality?

“The reason MRA groups are successful is they have some really valid points around parental rights and alimony,” says Jake Stika. “Broader societal systems have changed but the justice system hasn’t, so MRAs view it as a zero sum.

Based in Calgary, Stika is the co-founder and executive director of Next Gen Men, a non-profit aimed at developing better men through youth and peer engagement, education and empowerment.

“For us, we acknowledge those are real and pressing issues, but we approach it from a ‘rising tides lift all boats’ point of view,” Stika continues. “We need more women in leadership and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math studies) just as much as we need more men in early childhood education and caregiving roles.”

Stika attended Brock University in St. Catharines, where he befriended Jermal Alleyne, NGM’s co-founder and program director. They launched the organization in 2015.'

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It starts not with telling boys/men they're flawed and must be fixed, or, re-defined. The only men you'll get on board with that is ones who don't need being re-programmed bc they're already re-programmed. All you do there is preach to the choir.

And are MRA groups *really* "so successful"? I hardly think so. If MRAs were as successful as feminists have been, whew...

My own approach to life raises realism to a way of life. I can love idealists and visionaries. Most are idiots, dangerous, or some mix of the two, but that doesn't make them unlovable. It does all too often make them a pain in the ass though and they often make others' lives miserable. Examples: communists are idealists. Their ideals killed millions. Feminists are def visionary. Their vision includes me polishing their expensive Italian imported pleather shoes with my tongue and answering them with "Yes, mistress", but they are visionary.

Well those kinds I admit to not loving much. But other kinds, they're at least tolerable. Fools, but tolerable.

I've concluded that one is most likely to meet with success in any endeavor by being very realistic. If you start with an accurate rendering of reality then use practical reason to plan your actions, you are a lot more likely to meet with success than if you start by believing falsehoods.

The ppl trying to re-cast masculinity are starting with an inaccurate set of concepts about what boys/men believe about themselves. Drawing on things like pop culture and entertainment to divine what is in the heads of boys/men in re themselves is a completely ludicrous approach. Rather than start with Hollywood bullshit, try instead talking to each individual boy/man. Then instead of trying to "program" him with some bizarre feminist-perverted concept of masculinity, maybe instead listen to him. Actually get to know him. You may find out that your pre-conceived Hollywood ideas of what he thinks of himself just don't hold up.

In doing so though you run the risk of being like the producer/narrator of "The Red Pill". You run the risk of disillusionment and perhaps ceasing being a feminist lackey.

I can tell you what the great bulk of boys/men need from feminists and Kimmel-esque "ally" males like him: to be left in peace. Fuck off. Go away. We PROMISE to leave you COMPLETELY alone if you will do likewise.

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Just what we need. A bunch of arrogant apologists femslaining about everyone else's masculinity. Who gave them the right to decide anything about masculinity. Where is the discussion, the dialogue, where is the diversity?

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I love how they imply more than once that kindness and empathy are not traits that males tend to possess. Personally, I find that unbelievably offensive and very telling re: what they truly think of men and boys.

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