No men allowed: UVM hosts women-only debate championship

Article here. Excerpt:

'The first rule of a North American debate tournament to be held in Vermont this weekend: No men allowed.

Some 150 debaters from 18 schools across the U.S. and Canada will compete in the special tournament, which is designed to be a safe space for women who complain of bias when they debate against men.

Although some men will be allowed to serve as judges, organizers say the tournament at the University of Vermont offers women a chance to hone their speaking and arguing skills and gain confidence and friends without being subject to sexism.

"There is also a lot of sexual predation that happens in the debate community," said UVM debate director Helen Morgan-Parmett. "The tournament, I think, provides a safe space where people feel they are debating other women, and their bodies aren't necessarily on display."'

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... they can't debate them. They need a safe space. They can't argue with men without being terrified. If they lose they're certain it's sexism. Apparently they're also afraid their male opponents will try to fuck them at the conference, too. Imagine that.

To ensure women never have uncomfortable feelings of any kind around men, strict gender segregation should be implemented throughout our society. And the sexes should not be allowed to work together, too, compete, socialize, etc

That will solve everything.

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I think that if you are unable to debate someone simply because of an indelible characteristic you disapprove of . . . you just forfeited.

Congratulations. All of the women at this event are losers when it comes to debating. Just saying.

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