Ireland: Paddy Jackson's lawyer calls for rape trial changes

Article here. Excerpt:

'Joe McVeigh, who acted for Paddy Jackson in the case, said there were a number of legal issues that need to be addressed.

These included more protections to stop the complainant being identified.
"It's impossible to do that when you have got an open court filled to the brim with members of the public for nine solid weeks, where her name is used openly throughout the trial.

"Our system here in the north currently pays lip service to those types of protections. The system in the south is the way it should go at the very least."

Meanwhile, Mr Olding's solicitor said there needed to be better legal protections for defendants in rape cases, as well as for those making the allegations against them.

Paul Dougan told BBC News NI there should be a public debate about granting anonymity during trials to those accused of rape. They would only be named if found guilty.

"If it benefited the system and it recalibrated the sense of fairness that I think in this case has perhaps been lost somewhat - in the nature of the exposure of the persons involved - then I think it would be a conversation worth having," he said.'

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