‘Women are working harder than men’

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women are working harder than men and now appear to be the driving force behind corporate performance, according to Aaron McEwan, HR advisory leader at Gartner.

“Gender differences in the workplace have long been a topic of intense focus and speculation, but the data is clear,” he said.

McEwan’s comments following new research from Gartner which shows more female employees are willing to go above and beyond at work compared to their male counterparts.

Indeed, data from the Gartner Global Talent Monitor reveals that effort among Australian female employees is almost 7% higher than their male colleagues.'

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... it'd be no recommendation. Possibly some of us work smarter, not harder. Besides effort doesn't equal value. The Labor Theory of Value has been debunked repeatedly.

In any case when you see a story like this one, you know full well that any findings with the results flipped would never see daylight.

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