First sex doll brothel in Paris faces calls to close because it 'fuels rape fantasies'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A sex doll brothel in Paris is facing calls to be shut down – with angry critics branding it a 'degrading' place that fuels rape fantasies.

Councillors are set to decide the future of Xdolls, which opened in a neighbourhood in the heart of the French capital last month, at a meeting this week, Le Parisien reports.

Housed in a non-descript flat in the city, the business is officials registered as a games centre.

But its critics argue that it is actually a brothel – which are illegal to own or operate in France.
Lorraine Questiaux, a spokesperson for a Paris feminist association called Mouvement du Nid (Nest Movement), also wants Xdolls to be closed.

'Xdolls is not a sex shop. It's a place that generates money and where you rape a woman,' she told Le Parisien.

She added it was important to shut it down, noting that '86,000 women are raped in France every year.'

Pierre Laurent, the national secretary of the Communist Party, told VSD that some of the sex dolls can lead to thoughts of sex with children because of their small size.'

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They're dolls, not women.  Actual women are clearly threatened by sex dolls possibly bc men spend money now on sex dolls vs. actual women.  And if banging a sex doll does in fact fuel rape fantasies -- so what? They're fantasies.  Everyone has them.  Women are notorious for having not just fantasies but rape fantasies.  Why not men? But I think the leap from banging a sex doll to snarling rapist is a few bridges too far.

Women/feminists have ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to sex dolls.  Soon android sex bots will be available.  The end of men it seems is being pre-empted by the end of women.  Once men realize they don't need to put up with female BS anymore, it's over.  Countless eons of female sexploytation of men comes to an end.  Get used to it, ladies.

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My what an offensive term you've chosen.

See story above about the Massachusetts lawmaker.

:) :)

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I guarantee you that if these were gay men or women or lesbians, or any group except hetero-men (i.e. women's paychecks) having fun w/ sex dolls there would be no 'outcry' from these concerned citizens. besides, where in the def of prostitution does it mention sex toys? perhaps thou doeth protest too much, and waaaay to often.

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