College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only two genders

Article here. Excerpt:

'A religious studies major was barred from Christianity class at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for saying during class that there are only two genders.

Lake Ingle, a senior at the university, said he was silenced and punished by IUP Professor Alison Downie for questioning her during a Feb. 28 “Christianity 481: Self, Sin, and Salvation” lecture.

After showing a 15-minute TED Talk by transgender ex-pastor Paula Stone Williams discussing the “reality” of “mansplaining,” “sexism from men,” and “male privilege,” the professor asked the women in the class to share their thoughts. When no women in the class said anything, Ingle spoke up, challenging the professor on biology and the gender wage gap.

He told the class that the official view of biologists is that there are only two genders.

The feminist professor booted him from class and asked him not to come back. She referred him to the public university’s Academic Integrity Board (AIB). Ingle needs to complete the class to graduate at the end of the semester.

“You are barred from attending this class in accordance with the Classroom Disruption policy,” IUP Provost Timothy Moerland told Ingle in a March 2 letter.'

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How does the film they saw have much to do with the supposed topic subject of the class?

Stuff like this is why ppl like me say college today is a waste of time and money.

I remember a couple of my history classes in college. I had one covering a part of sub-Saharan African history in the 1970s and another on Caribbean politics. Both classes were taught by avowed Marxists. The best you could hope for was a C if you didn't at least give their line lip-service but it was overall best advised to stay quiet and not ask any questions.

But at least the actual subject matter of the classes was the supposed subject matter of same. And the two profs didn't throw anyone out of class for h@ving the temerity to disagree with even these two commies.

Today I can just imagine what would happen. Firing squad?

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