Windows Smashed, Extremist Caught Carrying Garrote at Jordan Peterson Speech

Article here. Excerpt:

'Up to 150 far-left activists protested a speech by Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson at Queens University by barricading doors shut, smashing windows, with one protester caught carrying a potentially deadly weapon.

Dr. Peterson gave his lecture at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, on Tuesday this week to promote his new book and was met by a mob of around 150 far-left activists, some of who were students at the university.

The protesters proceeded to barricade the doors and one of the activists, a 38-year-old woman who does not attend the university, is said to have smashed a window and faces additional charges for carrying a concealed weapon, Global News reports.

According to local newspaper, The Kingston Whig-Standard, the 38-year-old was found in possession of a garrote, a weapon designed to strangle another person.

While the protest was going on, the university’s newspaper, the Journal, reported that a member of the crowd yelled, “lock ‘em in and burn it down,” which was met with approval from the mob of extremists.'

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No, not as such. These are feminists.

This is mostly abt the fact that he has the gall to refute feminist propaganda and shows that their many assertions abt males are not just wrong but deliberately so. For this, feminists and their lackeys want him dead.

Oddly enough, it isn't MRAs calling the terms of the battle life and death, but feminists. I suppose they're right too, just not in the way they think.

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U of Rochester, Rochester, NY. It just lost its president who resigned under pressure over handling of a sexual harassment allegation repeatedly found to have no basis.

Now some students have used the uni's mascot as a web address to publish one report after another, substantiated or not, of some kind of complaints around sexual harassment.

Honestly, bricks and mortar unis are doomed.

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