How to Destroy a Man Now: Truth or Satire?

Article here. Excerpt:

'The book is written by an author using a pseudonym, she says to protect herself, but it could be written by someone of either sex to make a point of how easy it is to destroy a male in our society. For example, the book describes how easy it is to bring an allegation to the media who has no liability for false sexual abuse claims since it says they were "alleged."

According to the book, " allegation does not require evidence to DAMN because through media manipulation, it becomes its own evidence. Thousands--even millions of people can become organized against one man." The book goes on to correctly describe how authorities which consist of police, judges, bosses, schools etc. take punitive actions against a man by firing him, dismissing him from school, ruining his reputation and even imprisonment. The book states that no one will want to be associated with the ruined man or even believe him.

The end of the book states that men are easily destroyed because it is profitable: mainstream media gets eyeballs and advertisers, complaint websites make money from men paying them to remove false information, and lawyers get paid to defend men. This is a pretty accurate summary of the witch hunt against men in the 21st century whether the book is meant to be satire or not.'

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