Uni Student Arrested For Making False Rape Claims

Article here. Excerpt:

'Authorities arrested a Clemson University student Wednesday after they discovered she made false claims about a rape.

South Carolina’s Oconee County Sheriff’s Office arrested and charged 18-year-old Sarah Katherine Campbell for filing a false police report of a felony, the department announced in a press release.

Campbell reportedly alleged a fellow student raped her in January at the Delta Chi Fraternity House — an off-campus university frat house. The Criminal Investigations Unit of the Sheriff’s Office concluded the sexual act was consensual amid their investigation into the case.

“The investigation continued and evidence was gathered in the case; and based upon that evidence, it was determined that the sexual relations between Campbell and the male at the Fraternity House was consensual and that Campbell had not been truthful in the information that she provided to the investigator in the case,” the department noted.'

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purposely filing a false police report 'about a felon'y is not a felony. in the u.s. it involves a slap on the wrist, if that. as I have said many time throughout the years, until trying to destroy a man, his family, or his rep. is punished comparable to the crime he is accused of committing, this will not only continue, it will get worse.

and guess what, I was right, in spades, again.

and guess what else, the media will again refuse to cover this aspect of the crime. of course, we have all come to expect that. unless it furthers their left wing agenda, they will not report on it.

ex: sandy hook school shooting in 2012 is about as obvious a hoax as one could possibly imagine. and yet, every day it gets used as a reason to take our long guns. btw, long guns are used in only a small percentage of crimes. they are unwieldy in public and hard to conceal. however, if we get invaded or a tyrant tries to take over, they will be the very weapon needed to resist our overthrow. s.a. pistols are causing all the mayhem in the killing fields of our larger big, blue cities. if gun laws really worked, Chicago would be the safest city in this country.

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