Canada: 'We start with women': 2018 budget unveils new law to ensure men and women receive equal pay

Article here. Excerpt:

'Canada’s self-proclaimed feminist government says it will “lead by example” with new pay equity legislation in this year’s gender-themed budget that aims to tap into the economic potential of more women.

The 2018 spending plan, unveiled Tuesday by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, centres on an argument that women will be crucial to economic growth in the coming years.

To unleash this potential, which Morneau said Tuesday could add billions of dollars to Canada’s economy, the Liberal government is proposing to tackle the pay gap between men and women by implementing a new law to enforce equal pay for equal work in federally regulated sectors.

“What we can do is lead by example,” Morneau told the House of Commons Tuesday as he tabled this year’s budget.

“It is our hope that in doing so, all employers will reflect on the way in which work done by women has been too often undervalued.”'

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Or is it? Devil's in the fine print.

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