The Feminist Delusion of Toxic Masculinity

Article here. Excerpt:

'Just as the phrase "climate change" fails to capture the fundamental nature of a theory that was originally labeled "global warming," the commonly heard phrase "toxic masculinity" substitutes similarly imprecise language for the more explicit notion that the biologically ordained striving by men to achieve dominance is bad. Many women nowadays wish to bury the fact that their female ancestors sought protection by attaching themselves to dominant males; they suffer under the illusion that the cave man days are over and that as a result, men must now change their biology.

These women presume that civilization protects them sufficiently that they no longer need seek out protection by a loyal male.  They are delusional.  They think themselves capable of achieving the sort of competitive dominance needed to maintain their own autonomy because they view the abstract concept of society – or civilization – as an imperishable item largely immune from destruction.

In fact, both society in general and civilization in particular are fragile things that have in the past collapsed with surprising suddenness.  One could look to ancient times for examples (e.g., the dissolution of the Roman Empire in the face of invasion by Germanic barbarians or the sudden disintegration of Mayan culture due to unknown causes), but modern examples might be more convincing.'

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