Should We Say "Of Course" To Feminism?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Of course we should support women’s rights. But before we unthinkingly vouch for the cause of feminism, we should contemplate an important question: what does it mean to be a feminist in 2018?
Stanford’s student body labels anyone who does not identify as “feminist” as anti-woman. In the 1950s, this might have been true, at which time I might have considered myself a feminist -- perhaps even a radical one. Yet in 2018, both the word and the movement have morphed into something far more exclusionary. Today’s feminists not only advocate equal rights for women, but also a series of corollaries, such as the recognition of a gender pay gap motivated by sexism, transgender and abortion rights--the list never ends. In fact, the Women’s March’s policy platform, called "Unity Principles," include the belief that "gender justice is racial justice is economic justice," and that those who do not follow their agenda cannot be true feminists—whether or not the critiques originate from misogyny.'

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