Letter to the editor: There’s nothing wrong with rejecting feminism

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last week, the Alestle published a piece discussing feminism as well as the reluctance of some people to identify with it.

For instance, President Trump does not describe himself as a feminist. According to the Alestle staff, however, Trump is obligated to call himself one since he is “for women” and “for men.”

For some reason this is something conservatives are often told. The label feminist is thrust upon us and we must accept. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be against women?

Sadly, that honorific title is often revoked once any real discussion of views takes place. I don’t pretend to represent all conservatives, but I would like to try and explain why some people choose not to call themselves feminists.'

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Good to see

Can't say I concur with a fair bit of what the letter-writer said in terms of arguments, but I'm glad to see there is an open challenge to the effort by feminists, et al., to peddle the label onto ppl.

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