Male student accused of 'violence' for op-ed on diversity

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Dartmouth College student’s op-ed alleging gender bias on a trip-planning committee has resulted in an outpouring of criticism from liberal classmates.

Within a day of its posting, the opinion piece titled “You’re Not Tripping” in The Dartmouth had ignited a campus-wide uproar. In this op-ed, Ryan Spector ‘19 detailed his disappointment with 2018 First-Year Trips directorate selection process. Each year, approximately 19 upperclassmen applicants are selected for the directorate in order to help facilitate Trips, Dartmouth’s annual summer excursions for incoming freshmen.

This year, out of 44 total applicants, 15 women were chosen, along with four men. After being rejected from the directorate himself, Spector accused the directors in charge of the selection process of having an “obsession with diversity” that “verges on the inane,” in light of its extremely female-heavy composition.

The director of Trips, Lucia Pierson ‘18, along with Dalia Rodriguez-Caspeta ‘18, the assistant director, emphasized in their original announcement that the 2018 Trips directorate, which is 80 percent female, was selected “purely based on merit.” Spector railed against this notion, calling it “nothing but an exercise in mental gymnastics,” alleging that their decision to only accept four male students indicated an “extreme application of a diversity policy” and claiming that the members of the new directorate would not adequately represent the Dartmouth student body.

Immediately after the article was posted, the backlash began in the comments section. One student called the op-ed a “whiny post-rejection [expression] of frustration,” while others offered up faux sympathy for him as a “white cis male” from Illinois. Some of the comments respectfully challenged his arguments, but most of them accused him of sexist and even racist undertones, emphasizing his status as a privileged white male.'

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Remember: A relative ...

... abundence of non-white males is progress. It's justice. It's good. The only good white male is a dead one and even then, don't bother reading anything he may have written. Nothing worth reading there anyway.

However any number of white males or males more generally represents a real present danger of violence as defined by however non-white males want to define it, esp. women.

There, it's that simple.

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