Levy: #MeToo movement is 2018 version of man-shaming

Article here. Excerpt:

'This will not win me any Brownie points with the anti-patriarchal “feministas” — but I’m going to say it.

I fear the #MeToo movement is fast careening out of control.

Judging from the allegedly wronged females coming out of the woodwork almost every day as of late, it is already out of control, with those accused left wondering what hit them — their reputations in near tatters — after being tried, convicted and sentenced in our very in-your-face social media world with barely a second thought to the implications.

It’s the 2018 version of man-shaming, the accusers operating mostly from their holier-than-thou perch on various online platforms and blogs.
I can’t help but wonder — as I watch the #MeToo circus unfold — if the pendulum has been permitted to swing to the point where #MeToo has become more “#MeToo I want to get in on the action” as in “I want to get even with whomever allegedly wronged me (due to many more factors than a power imbalance).”
We as women must ask ourselves: How many times more can we expect to “cry #MeToo” before we’re tuned out?'

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... is getting tuned out. The fate of wrongly-accused men doesn't bother her too much.

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