Sheryl Sandberg: If you follow the Mike Pence rule, make it fair to women

Article here. Excerpt:

"If men think that the way to address workplace sexual harassment is to avoid one-on-one time with female colleagues — including meetings, coffee breaks and all the interactions that help us work together effectively — it will be a huge setback for women," Sandberg warned in a Facebook post.

So Sandberg proposes that any men following the Pence rule change it up.

"Don’t want to have dinner alone with a female colleague? Fine. But make access equal: No dinners alone with anyone. Breakfast or lunches for all. Or group dinners only, nothing one-on-one," she said. "Whatever you choose, treat women and men equally."'

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Presume innocence; an allegation isn't enough. And teach women some basics around ethical conduct. They needn't use false accusations to extort from others what they want.


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To female employees.

Quit hiring women. After all, you might screw up and say something like "You look nice in that dress""--a statement that has clear sexual overtones, ergo is forbidden in the new Puritanism-for-men-only.

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I can't believe Sheryl is femsplaining to men yet again. She should be awarded the authentic feminist male specialist manhood certificate. Clearly she just knows how men should behave, live and think, for the benefit of ..... Sheryl and women.

Any man in a position of power (however minor) who doesn't protect himself in this climate of guilty regardless of any finding of fact, is acting recklessly. So what if that disadvantages women. Who cares. Clearly women don't give a f##k about the welbeing of men.

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Fembots just can't seem to wrap their heads around the idea that maybe, just maybe, their hysteria has now made women too much of a liability for men to be around. Even Sandberg refers to the Mike Pence rule as a way of preventing sexual harassment. That's not it at all. It's not men feeling they can't control themselves and thus, not allowing themselves to be alone with female coworkers. It is men refusing to put themselves in a position where should the woman lie and say he did something inappropriate when no such thing occurred, everyone will believe her version of events because. . . gynocentrism. You really can't blame men for wanting to exercise their right to self-preservation. Women ended up being collateral damage, and they have no one but feminists, false accusers, and the media to thank for it.

BTW, I follow the Mike Pence rule. I don't apply it equally, because the risk factor for being alone with men is virtually zero, while the risk factor for being alone with women is infinitely higher.

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