Catharine MacKinnon, Mother Of The Mob

Article here. Excerpt:

'Catharine MacKinnon is being far too modest. Much as the movement may be the culmination of social factors that caused, and gave us, the current administration, she’s dedicated her life to making those factors happen, creating the narrative that allowed that confluence of events, beliefs and feelings that would result in a time when extrajudicial unproven allegations by women would, without more, destroy men.

Her first goal was the campus. but her baby has now grown to take its place in the real world. She must be very proud.

"Sexual harassment law — the first law to conceive sexual violation in inequality terms — created the preconditions for this moment. Yet denial by abusers and devaluing of accusers could still be reasonably counted on by perpetrators to shield their actions."

This, of course, is utterly false. Rape has always been a crime. So too assault. Indeed, harassment was eventually criminalized, though not specifically for women. Much as there is no law prohibiting the murder of women apart from murder of any person, there are now laws that function that way, whether in word or practice.'

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I hadn't heard anything from or about Kitty Mac (Fred Reed's name for her) for a while, and just assumed that she had thankfully either retired from her public platform or had died. She's still at it! Heaven help us! She and Andrea Dworkin (who has gone on to her eternal reward) were the most loathsome creatures among the Perpetually Angry Sisterhood, sowed more dragon's teeth than anyone else, and have been the instigators of more lasting damage than anyone. Kitty Mac isn't just a rank-and-file femibigot; she has been in a position to strong-arm a lot of legal machinery against men, and her "legal opinions" have contributed enormously to the replacement of jurisprudence with a sort of mob rule fueled by appeals to emotion. She can't go away soon enough!

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MacKinnon believes that men have so much power the law must give favored treatment to women.

That is the quintessential feminist belief: equality between men and women can be achieved by giving favored status to women.

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