A male backlash against #MeToo is brewing

Article here. Excerpt:

'Men are scared, and feminists are delighted. But the urge to call out and punish male sexual transgression is bound to clash with an inescapable truth: We’re all in this together, men and women.

Consider what’s happening in the capital of Florida. Female staffers and lobbyists have found “many male legislators will no longer meet with them privately,” reported The Miami Herald. “I had a senator say, ‘I need my aide here in the room because I need a chaperone,’ ” lobbyist Jennifer Green told the paper. “I said, ‘Senator, why do you need a chaperone? . . . Do you feel uncomfortable around me?’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘anyone can say anything with the door shut.’"

“I’m getting the feeling that we’re going back 20 years as female professionals,” said Green, who owns her company. “I fully anticipate I’m going to be competing with another firm that is currently owned by some male, and the deciding factor is going to be: ‘You don’t want to hire a female lobbying firm in this environment.’"'

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If we were, women would be justifiably concerned that any man, even one she's never met, will anonymously accuse her of touching him in some otherwise innocuous way, or looking "too long" at him, etc., and her career will be ruined along with her reputation.

I have an activism idea: men get together and accuse female pols, business leaders, etc., of oh, I dunno, saying racist things behind closed doors conveniently w/o witnesses, or actually saying or doing "inappropriate" things, and further insist on anonymity, and claim victimhood should their names be published, etc.

Yes it'd be unjust. But it'd also be EMPOWERING. And as we know, no matter how many innocent women get thrown under the bus, it's all about power and SOCIAL JUSTICE. For every man unjustly brought down, we take down THREE women.

I mean, why not? Feminists wouldn't hesitate. They sure aren't these days. And recall the old saw: "Pick your enemies wisely, for you shall surely become just like them." Our enemies in this case have picked us. So why not go for it?

Just a thought.

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