Judge grants largest award in history of cases of men suing unis over discrimination

Decision here. Excerpt:

'Before the Court is plaintiff John Doe’s Petition for Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses, ECF No. 180, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1988. This matter is before me by referral under 28 U.S.C. § 636(1)(B). The issues presented are fully briefed by both parties, ECF Nos. 180, 183, 187, and oral argument is dispensed with because it was not requested and would not aid in the decisional process. Having considered the parties’ briefs, the evidence, and the applicable law, I recommend that the presiding District Judge grant the petition and award attorneys’ fees in the amount of $795,691.50 and litigation costs in the amount of $53,539.75, for a total award of $849,231.25.
United States District Judge Elizabeth K. Dillon, the presiding judge, thoroughly presented the facts of this case in her Memorandum Opinion on the summary judgment motions. ECF No. 153. As such, I will provide only a brief summary here. Plaintiff John Doe matriculated at James Madison University (“JMU”) in August 2014. Shortly after beginning his first semester, he entered into a relationship with a fellow freshman student, Jane Roe, who later accused him of sexual misconduct. JMU conducted an initial hearing on the charge on December 5, 2014, which resulted in a finding of “not responsible.” Jane Roe appealed that decision to an appeal board, which met on January 8, 2015, outside the presence of the parties. The appeal board imposed a new sanction of immediate suspension through the Spring 2020 semester, at which time Doe would need to reapply for admission if he wanted to reenroll. Per JMU’s policy, the decision was communicated to Defendant Mark Warner, JMU’s Senior Vice President of Student Affairs and University Planning, who affirmed the appeal board’s finding. Doe was informed of the appeal board’s finding and Warner’s final decision on January 10, 2015. See Doe v. Alger, 228 F. Supp. 3d 713, 716–24 (W.D. Va. 2016).'

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Any young man dealt with by a college or uni in this way should sue the pants off them. And IMO the courts must impose seriously confiscatory fines on them. I am fine with hundreds of millions in judgments PER OCCURRENCE. I think fining colleges out of existence is now necessary. Unis are so corrupted by SJW "thinking" and related that I think most of them must be terminated. Possibly the buildings are useful for something though it's clear that the future of higher ed, if any, is in non-residential programs. Virtual colleges are out-competing residential ones with increasingly lower tuition costs and a near-total absence of administrative bullshit and one is blessedly free of SJW types carrying on.

In retrospect, I'd've probably banged more chicks between 17 and 21 if I HADN'T gone to college than if I had. This is prob esp. true today what with college girls being hazardous to fuck, date, look at, etc. Non-college girls don't carry on like today's nutty college chicks. Really, a guy's much better off going to a virtual college and banging sane non-college chicks off Tinder or wherever.

Personally these days I look at college grads with liberal arts degrees as not just useless but a liability. I don't even consider them as building service workers. They have no employable skills and think they know everything already. Further, they babble abt SJW-like topics. I blame both parents and universities that don't educate people. Fortunately there are still a lot of ppl looking for jobs that aren't useless like these losers.

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