Female Executives Demand Resignation Of Grammy Chief Who Told Women To ‘Step Up’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A group of high-powered women signed an open letter calling for Recording Academy President Neil Portnow to resign.

Powerful women within the entertainment industry, including Pharrell’s manager Caron Veazey, are pushing for Portnow to leave his position as a result of his offensive comments toward female artists after the Grammy Awards.

Responding to criticism that women had few solo performances during the show and only one had won a Grammy this year, Portnow said women had to “step up.”

“It has to begin with … women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls, who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, producers, and want to be part of the industry on the executive level … [They need] to step up because I think they would be welcome,” Portnow told Variety after the awards.

Portnow later said his words were taken out of context, but the comments have sparked backlash across the industry. Multiple Grammy-winner Pink posted a handwritten letter slamming Portnow’s comments on Twitter.'

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It's not about earning stuff. It's about getting stuff. Feminism is led by women and it's for women, esp. feminist ones. Women, historically, get stuff handed to them: food, shelter, etc. Men have and still do provide these things. Even if a woman earns money at a job, men still build the houses, drive the trucks that haul the food that men produce on farms, etc. Not much has changed with modernity. The relationship is just more abstract but it's still the same.

Thus what you see here is nothing new. Just now, awards and other things men have had to earn are now on women's radars and they want these things even if they haven't earned them. They want them given to them by men the same way men have been giving women all manner of things for eons.

If they were on a sinking ship, they'd want men to give them their life-vests even if they had refused them before the ship left port. Nothing has really changed in this regard since the Titanic days. Just now, they also want music industry awards they didn't earn, board memberships they're unqualified for, and elections they didn't win.

And I predict they'll get them. After all, if men give them everything else including their lives and limbs, why not this other stuff?

Once sex-bots are passably good, there'll perhaps be much less tolerance for female entitlement bullshit. It'll take some time for the old habits to die off or at least become a lot less assertive but that'll be a good thing. The day'll come when men literally just look at a demanding entitled female who's carrying on and simply say "Go fuck yourself," laugh, and go home to fuck his android.

She won't have to actually go fuck herself. She can always get her own android to fuck -- which will as usual have been invented by a man or men. In that regard, nothing'll change. :)

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