UK: Teen cleared after family shows police texts disproving rape charge

Article here. Excerpt:

'Connor Fitzgerald, 19, spent almost three months in prison and lost his job after a woman accused him of assaulting her.

But the charges against him were thrown out when prosecutors finally discovered she had sent texts threatening to destroy him.
Connor, of South Norwood, South London, who lost his job as a BT engineer because of the claim, said: “It’s been heart-breaking - It felt like I was guilty until proven innocent.

“My life has been ruined. I'm scared to even leave the house because everyone thinks I'm a rapist."

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons claimed he raped her and videoed it after a boozy night out on June 24 last year.

But among texts she had sent him included references to having enjoyed sex.'

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Why can't she be named? They really need a new law which makes it legal to name complainants if the case falls apart. They also need to grant the accused anonymity until a conviction occurs.

How is it fair that this man fears for his life, while the liar who put him in this predicament enjoys anonymity?

Behold the gynocentric UK! It never ceases to amaze me how far that nation will go to please the so-called fairer sex.

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